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Fed by Christ, we feed others with love, grace, and forgiveness because we all hunger


Community Garden
NEW in 2020!
A seed of a vision sprouted and grew, raising up three beautifully, constructed garden beds that grew tomatoes, peppers, various squash and zucchini in the Summer of 2020. Neighbors, Head Start families, Summer Feed Program families, and Guadalupe Center each received portions of the harvest. We plan to partner with Head Start and the neighborhood to continue this project that feeds others with nutritious vegetables grown with love and out of God’s abundance. 

Prayer Labyrinth
People are spiritually hungry for connection to God, and sometimes that means quieting the heart and mind and opening our souls to God in prayer. A prayer labyrinth is a path that winds and leads to a center of the labyrinth with benches to sit and reflect in the beauty of God’s creation. Prayer stones provide an opening and departing prayer to the labyrinth. Memorial stones of saints dear to our SOTV family encircle a tree at the center. Pavers commemorating baptisms and confirmations may also be enjoyed. This is a place where all are welcome from our neighborhood to enjoy. 


Greeley Senior Housing
For over 10 years, SOTV has been providing a monthly meal and prayer for the senior apartments located on the south side of Greeley. Residents who join us for this ministry enjoy a deeper sense of community and connection through this intentional feeding of the body, heart and soul. The relationship feeds SOTV with love just as much as we attempt to give it through the appreciation of the residents. 

Community VBS: Free!
Each summer in July, SOTV opens up our space to host a Vacation Bible School welcoming in nearly 70 children to experience a joyful welcome to learn about Jesus’s love for them and experience it through the planned activities. We pride ourselves in offering it for free as our congregation and community always provides donations to make this event incredibly special for all who participate. 


Summer Feed Program
Partnering with Weld Food Bank, SOTV has hosted meals and lunch bags for local school children a nutritious meal during the summer months in the LaSalle community. Those who have volunteered with us enjoy the smiles of the children and relief in caregiver’s eyes to be provided this meal. 


Guadalupe Center
On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, several members of various ages will volunteer to make and serve a meal at the transitional housing run by Catholic Charities. This volunteer opportunity has the group working together and serving folks who are getting back on their feet again. The warmth of the meal, the smiles and Christ’s presence fills one’s hungry soul for connection.

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