Greetings friend. I am Pastor Wendy Kalan, and I have served at Shepherd of the Valley since August 2016 and was ordained as a Lutheran pastor in 2011. Prior to serving at SOTV, I held many other vocations: language arts teacher, running coach, aerobics instructor, data entry, billing and corporate sales support for a cell phone company, Christian Education Director and stay-at-home mom. Believe it or not, but I felt called to ministry when I was six-years old. I didn't pursue that call until after the tragic death of my husband in 2006. My children Alex and McKenna are my greatest delight. 

I love serving at SOTV because of the people who are called by Christ Jesus to worship and serve Him by loving and serving our neighbor. The SOTV mission is important to the congregation and me: Fed by Christ, we feed others with love, grace, and forgiveness because we all hunger. Jesus Christ, God's Son, the source of our salvation, feeds us with abundant life. Yet God hungers, too, for there are many who hunger physically, relationally, and spiritually in our community and around the world. We ground our feeding in what Christ has freely given us: love, grace, and forgiveness. 

All are welcome at SOTV whether you worship with us in person or online or would like to participate in any of the ministries we offer. At SOTV, you will meet people who care about each other and our community and will truly want to get to know who you are. We hope you join us to rejoice in how Christ feeds us with God's promises and life through God's word, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, and the mutual fellowship and ministry of ordinary people who hunger for God's kingdom in this world. 

You are always welcome to reach out to me via email:

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