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A Letter from Interim Pastor Tim Bettger

Dear Friends in Christ,

Peace be with you!


It is a joy to have been asked to serve Shepherd of the Valley as your temporary shepherd.  To “shepherd” you through this time of transition is a task for which I ask God daily for guidance.  This period of transition can be for many a frightening process with feelings of abandonment and a fear about the future.  I understand.  What I pray my time with you will realize is that in any change we rely solely on the One who never changes - - whose love and care and wisdom never wavers no matter what is happening in our lives.  We are assured through God’s gracious love in Christ Jesus that we are never alone, and we are always in God’s care.


During this time, I will be praying for “us” as we move forward, seeking the Spirit’s wisdom as to where Shepherd of the Valley sees itself in the future according to God’s plan.  What are our strengths?  What are our weaknesses?  What can we do better? Where do we hear God leading us?  Together we will seek a new path for ministry and with God’s help we will see the gifts God has bestowed upon this congregation blossom and grow.


If you are reading this Website for the first time and seeking a place to worship, I invite you to join us on this journey as we seek a future together in God’s grace.  It’s an exciting time!


I look forward to the time we are given to share and learn and be God’s people here in La Salle at Shepherd of the Valley.


Trusting God’s love and abundant grace, I’ll see you all around the altar of grace.


+Pastor Tim

Shepherd of the Valley Leadership:

Church Council

Suzy Triplett - President

Betty Freeman - Secretary

Damian Savolt - Treasurer

Jen Tann-Loomis

Ginny Axell

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