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Fed by Christ, we feed others with love, grace, and forgiveness because we all hunger

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in LaSalle is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). We are members of the ELCA's Rocky Mountain Synod, and our mission is: “Fed by Christ, we feed others with love, grace, and forgiveness because we all hunger”

March 13th, 2020: Coronavirus Update:
Following the recommendation of the Office of the Bishop and because of the widespread concern at local, state and national levels, we are suspending all worship services, public gatherings and church-related activities until further notice. This includes Sunday morning and Wednesday Lenten worship services and Greeley Senior Housing worship and meal.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Resources


God, our peace and our strength, we pray for our nation and the world as we face new uncertainties around coronavirus. Protect the most vulnerable among us, especially all who are currently sick or in isolation. Grant wisdom, patience, and clarity to health care workers, especially as their work caring for others puts them at great risk. Guide us as we consider how best to prepare and respond in our families, congregations, workplaces, and communities. Give us courage to face these days not with fear but with compassion, concern, and acts of service, trusting that you abide with us always, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

March 14th, 2020: Remote Worship:
Our first attempt at recording a worship service did not go well. The link below contains a video of the reading with some explanation and commentary from Pastor Wendy. The full service was not able to be successfully edited together. The sound is not great, but hopefully, you can follow along with the parable.

Shepherd of the Valley March 15th reading


You can also check out Our Savior's recorded service from this Sunday at the following link:

Our Savior's "Complaint Virus Sermon"

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